Parents Testimonials

Player: Jack Timmins

Program: One-to-One Bowling, S&C program

My son Jack Timmins has been professionally coached since the age of 13 , he is now sixteen. The principles and techniques for fast bowling have been carefully coached to great effect. What Steff Jones has done is to develop the strength and co-ordination within him to maximize the effect of good technique. Simply, Steff has isolated the key muscle groups required to bowl quick and then set simple, extremely safe yet highly effective conditioning routines (the weighted ball in particular ). Jack first saw Steff in January, he could deliver then an accurate length ball at 65 mph, last week he bowled a similar ball at 73 mph.

Nigel Timmins

father of Jack Timmins

Player: Gem Collin, Age 15, SCCC U17 Bowler Program: Customized Bowling, S&C program

"It is a difficult path to find the right coach for your son when he is 15, 6’4”, a reasonably fast bowler and has already had back problems. Sensible, ordered work from an experienced professional is what is required.

Steff brings immense skill and knowledge to the table. His range of exercises is inspiring and certainly was new to me and my lad. He instantly seemed to be able to sum up my boy and we found his use of the medicine ball and heavy cricket balls was spot on. All the techniques were thoroughly explained, but the best thing was that they were obviously thought up by someone who understood the nature of fast bowling, and therefore exercised specific parts of the body. All this was delivered with a smile and there was a very pleasant feel to the session. I can’t recommend Steff’s techniques and fitness programmes enough."
Charlie Crossley
father of Gem Collin
Player: Aadil Rashid WCCC U15 Fast Bowler Program: Speed Demon Bowling

"Steffan Jones is an awesome talent that we have been fortunate to have been exposed to.

Steffan is extremely knowledgeable and works with his students at a level that gets everyone to give their maximum output and therefore to get the appropriate results which Steffan guarantees. The ‘Speed Demon Program’ specifically requires a level of commitment and dedication that sorts out the men from the boys."

All the hard work is paying off with Aadil now visibly bowling quicker than he previously did, by a range of probably 5-8 miles an hour. I can honestly confirm that technique took Aadil go to a certain level, however the strength and conditioning program that Steffan wrote and is following have significantly helped towards an increase in pace and an elite level of fitness."
Mohammed Fiaz Rashid
father of Aadil Rashid
Player: Waqas Latif, Oxfordshire U-19 Program: One-to-One Bowling "We attended a 3 hour fast bowling workshop which Steffan ran on February 27th 2013.The workshop was very useful and he went through the specific strength and conditioning exercises necessary for fast bowling. We found Steffan to be extremely down to earth and very knowledgeable in this field.My son Waqas found his workshop highly effective in finding out how to improve overall strength with the use of medicine balls and other exercises and drills to build explosive strength. Steffan works very well with kids and they respond well to him.We would have no hesitation in recommending his workshops to any parent that wants correct strength and conditioning exercises or advice on getting fit for fast bowling."
Mohammed Latif
father of Waqas Latif

Pro Cricketers Testimonials

Steffan’s training helped me a lot while being in England. I got noticeably fitter and stronger within weeks. He makes it fun for everyone involved and is extremely passionate about what he does.

Martin Guptill

New Zealand Opening Batsman

"Its no coincidence during the best period in my career I was trained by Steffan Jones. During the early 2000, with the encouragement of the England management Steffan prepared me for a number of England Tours. I can safely say his methods worked . Whether it was doing Plyometric jumps, strongman training, Olympic lifting, Max strength weight training or Sprint training every method was both challenging and cricket specific. I wont hesitate in recommending any professional or amateur cricket using Steffan training programs. It worked for me and I'm convinced it will work for you."
Marcus Trescothick
Somerset CCC, England
"In the short time we worked together, Steff helped with his coaching methods, my mental approach to first class cricket and gave me a lot of belief in myself. He pushed me to work hard at my game and created and executed effective organised sessions that benefited me as a player. As a coach and a senior player Steff set a great example for all the young lads and particularly myself. Since returning to Yorkshire, my performances and skill levels have increased a lot which I owe to the hard work Steff put in with me during my loan spell."
Azeem Rafiq
Yorkshire CCC & England U19 Captain
"I had the pleasure of playing with steff for nearly 3 years at Derbyshire CCC, I've learnt a lot from him in that time from a cricket & training point of view!

With steff having over 15 years in the professional game, he has seen so much & learnt so many different coaching & training methods! I always found if I suggested something about bowling or field settings, steff would be able to give me a clear, logical answer which helped make things more clear for me! Possibly one of the hardest trainers off the field, he has tried & tested many theories & is always happy to pass on his knowledge to us as players! He's always able to back up his theories & is always trying to find out more to improve as a trainer & coach!

He never does anything half heartedly & tries to make things as enjoyable as possible, which sums up his character & personality!"
Tim Groenewald
Warwickshire CCC, Derbyshire CCC fastest bowler
"Over the past 2 years I have worked with Steff as a player and bowling coach at DCCC. Throughout this time Steff always proved to be a true professional in all aspects of his training, coaching and preparation. He was a great role model to a number of the younger players and was always happy to share his wealth of knowledge and experiences.

There is no doubt that his long and lustrous career was achieved due to his time and dedication spent on constantly improving his physical performance...even in his final year of county cricket he was one of the hardest working players. It was a pleasure working with someone with so many similar views on training."
Luke Storey
Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach, Derbyshire County Cricket Club
"Throughout my career I played with more talented or skilled cricket players than Steffan Jones but there were few who I played with who were more committed to excellence than Steff was.

He worked as hard as any player I played with, squeezing every last inch out of his God-given talent. Because of this Steff earned great respect and admiration from everyone he came in contact with.

Having played with and against the mad Welshman, I know that Steff was a warrior on the cricket field and a consummate professional off it. In terms of training ethic Steff stood apart from the crowd. Because of his incredible capacity for work, Steff was brilliant to play with because you knew that he would give every ounce of himself to help the team secure a result. You also know that he would leave no stone unturned to get the best out of himself.

Great leadership is about great example and there are few better examples of commitment to excellence than Steffan Jones. I would have no hesitation following and trusting any of his training programs because I know he would never ask me to do anything he wouldn't or hasn't already done himself. This is great leadership.

Throughout my playing days Steff was one of my favourite team mates. His infectious attitude and love for life and passion for training and excellence was inspiring. He is a brilliant bloke who I know inspires everyone he rubs shoulders with. I would have Steffan Jones in my corner any day of the week."
Justin Langer
Australian Legend

Coaches Testimonials

“I have known Steffan now for nearly 15 years. Having worked with him in developing his speed, I will never forget watching him take four wickets at Lords in a one day final against Leicester. Every ball he bowled was over 92 miles an hour, the batsman was shell shocked. He took four wickets and during this period he was one of the fastest bowlers in the world. With his sports science background, experience and knowledge makes him one of the most well qualified, all round bowling coaches for speed not only in the UK but in the world of cricket.”

Alan Pearson

Managing Director, SAQ International Ltd.

"I first came across Steff in 2006 when we both were playing for Derbyshire CCC and my first impressions were a conscientious,hard working, forward thinking cricketer who enjoyed everything he did and left nothing to chance.

I'm glad to see he has taken these values into his new vocation and with his knowledge of cricket and his background in Strength and Conditioning you have a very qualified individual that is at the sharp end of the modern game."
Graeme Welch
Warwickshire CCC Bowling Coach
"Steffan Jones was a professional cricketer for well over a decade and during this time gained immense respect across all the counties for his attitude and passion on the park, what was far more impressive was his level of professionalism and commitment to being the best he could possibly be. A pioneer in changing the attitude towards training and playing. exploring every opportunity to gain an advantage and to push the boundaries of performance."
Jason Kerr
Somerset CCC Academy Director
"I have known and worked with Steffan for almost his entire career in County Cricket.

With regard to his attitude to Strength & Conditioning, his dedication to improving his physical performance as a fast bowler and his constant desire to test and evaluate many of the current training methods, he was probably 10 years ahead of his time and I have no doubt the knowledge he has accrued over the years will be passed forward with the same level of dedication.

It's good to see him over this side of the boundary rope!"
Darren Veness ASCC
Somerset County Cricket Club Head of Strength and Conditioning
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